Anjing Biru
Photos taken during construction and initial running of Anjing Biru
  A lot of people are interested in our boat, Anjing Biru

Our boat is named after our dog Digger, a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), Anjing Biru meaning Blue Dog in Indonesian

Anjing Biru is a Naiad 6.8 metre Ocean RIB, designed by Naiad Inflatables (NZ) Ltd. and built by Kirby Marine Fabrication in Henderson, Western Australia. It is the third boat we've owned and for its size it is the driest, most stable and comfortable dive boat we have ever dived out of.
The eagle eyed will see that the sign writing on the side of the boat actually says "Anjin Biru". The sign writer stuffed up and by the time we noticed it was too late to do anything. Being an ex-Navy man Gudge knows all about how changing the name of boat can bring bad luck.

Length: 6.8m

Beam: 2.5m

225 hp Yamaha
              4 Stroke

270 litres

41 knots fully loaded
            47 knots light load


* Garmin GPSMap 182C
   * Garmin Fishfinder 250
   * Interphase Probe Forward
      Looking Sonar
   * ICOM IC-M45A VHF Marine

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